Youth Development Squad | $1125-1775

THIS PROGRAM IS great for young athletes who are new to the sport of triathlon and want to develop technical skills in swimming, cycling and running.

The Youth Development Squad is broken down into 3 groups (10/11 yr olds, 12/13 yr olds and 14/15 yr olds) Each group receives an age-appropriate program including coached training sessions in all three disciplines.


Ability to swim 100m unassisted and have a road bike and trainer (Bikes available through our Future Champions Program!)


Learn more about each of the age groups in our Youth Development Squad by clicking your athlete’s age group below

My daughter Yasmina has been in Kronos Triathlon Club for 3 years. I sincerely appreciate everything that all of the skilled coaches have done for my daughter.
Since joining the club, her confidence and skill as an athlete has increased tremendously. Yasmina enjoys the physical nature of the program and participation in the training sessions and races. I find the program well organized, a constructive environment and a good fit for my daughter.
— Zaher
youth triathletes training in open water swimming
Having my daughter to in the club has exposed her to three sports or
disciplines a single team sport doesn’t offer.

My daughter has made incredible life long friends through the sport .

Kronos coaches encourage my daughter to be in other sports and supported her with a “ on her own workouts.” This allowed my daughter to be high-school volley ball and Pee Wee football .

Kronos has taught my daughter life skills on nutrition sleep and recovery , balancing a healthy life style .

Kronos has taught my daughter focus , commitment and how to push through discomfort while training allowing her to achieve her goals .

Kronos is more than a triathlon club , it is a diverse open community.

One of the few places a 12 year old daughter and a 50 father can train together .
— Ken