Junior Performance Squad | $2015

The Junior Competitive Squad is for athletes racing Youth Draft Legal events (14/15 yrs), as well as 16-17 year olds who are new to triathlon (and meet program prerequisites). Approval by coach(es) required.  This program is meant to be a transitional group bridging the gap between our Development and Senior Competitive squad.


Ability to swim 500m un-aided. Must have a road bike, either personal or through the Future Champions Program (applications available upon request).


Programs are subject to change due to changes in facility availability and other factors not under the club’s control.

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After losing interest in competitive swimming, my daughter Kya was excited to join Kronos and learn to bike & run, while using (and building on) her swim background. Kya has progressed through Kids of Steel, Youth Development and is now a Performance athlete with the club. For Kya, the high caliber coaching has made a huge impact in her skills and abilities as an athlete. She enjoys the variety and never gets bored. Kronos has opened up opportunities to compete at the Alberta Summer games, and Kya is looking forward to more high level races in the future!
— Kya's Dad
Having my daughter to in the club has exposed her to three sports or
disciplines a single team sport doesn’t offer.

My daughter has made incredible life long friends through the sport .

Kronos coaches encourage my daughter to be in other sports and supported her with a “ on her own workouts.” This allowed my daughter to be high-school volley ball and Pee Wee football .

Kronos has taught my daughter life skills on nutrition sleep and recovery , balancing a healthy life style .

Kronos has taught my daughter focus , commitment and how to push through discomfort while training allowing her to achieve her goals .

Kronos is more than a triathlon club , it is a diverse open community.

One of the few places a 12 year old daughter and a 50 father can train together .
— Ken
We joined Kronos Triathlon Club in September of 2015. My then 11 year old daughter was looking for a new competitive challenge. Our first involvement with the club was handled by Lisa Mensink and she proved to be the start of a communicative and supportive training environment. We have had many experiences with competitive sport clubs and Kronos is one of the friendliest and most accommodating. The coach my daughter has spent the most time with is Kyle. We feel Kyle is an excellent coach. He asks that the kids perform to the best of their abilities but is understanding of their limitations, both physical and scheduling. Kyle is a very positive coach and is always looking for training tools, opportunities and events to strengthen the kids and the Kronos club. We have met many great families through the club and my daughter has some new friends who understand her lifestyle choices of sport and commitment.

When asked, my daughter says the best thing about training with Kronos is that the coaches and athletes are kind.

We look forward to being part of Kronos in the future and seeing our daughter improve in not only her physical, but mental and social development.
— Kim