We have 2 partial season programs for this age group, and 1 full-season program…

Kids of Steel Programs (Partial Season)

  • Perfect for athletes who are new to triathlon, or play another sport. 

  • Spring & summer program for ages 8-9: 2 Training Sessions per week.   

  • Fall/Winter programs for ages 10-13: 1 Training Session per week

  • Opportunities to attend Kids of Steel races over the summer!

Youth Development Program (Full Season)

  • Ages 10-15

  • Future Champions Program provides road bikes for new athletes to the sport!

  • Places a large emphasis on age-appropriate training, creating a smooth pathway of progression from entry-level athletes wishing simply to participate to those looking to train and race competitively.  

  • Approximately 3-5 coached training sessions per week (dependent on part of the season). 

  • Extensive summer racing opportunities, including a chance to qualify for the Alberta Summer Games (every 2nd year)!