Youth Development

  • Perfect for newcomers to the sport of triathlon.

  • Includes a wide array of coached training sessions appropriate for 14-15 year old triathletes (up to 4 days of training per week)

  • Road Bikes available through the Future Champions Program.

  • Athletes will typically compete in various fun & exciting races across Alberta and British Columbia.

Youth & Adult Duathlon (Bike & Run) Program

  • For those who want to primarily train and compete in duathlon, cycling and running events.

  • Also a great program for those who are unable to swim due to injury.

Jr Competitive

  • For performance oriented athletes ages 14-17. 

  • Great for athletes who are performance-driven.

  • Includes several coached training sessions per week PLUS supplemented with OYO (on-your-own) training sessions to be done on the athlete’s own time.

  • Athletes will target draft-legal events, and participate in ATA designated race series.

Sr Competitive

  • For performance oriented athletes ages 16-19.  

  • Great for athletes who are experienced in triathlon and are planning to race Draft Legal Jr Elite events.

  • Approximately 8 coached workouts per week, with additional training ("on your own") prescribed by coaches.  

  • Athletes will target draft-legal events, and races at the provincial & national level. 

Elite Squad

  • Strictly performance based.

  • For athletes working towards their International Competition Card, or racing CAMTRI and other national and international events.

  • Tactical emphasis on Draft Legal Racing

  • Coaching is primarily more individualized with the help of Kronos performance coach, Lisa Mensink

  • Participants must be pre-approved by Head Coach, Kyle Jensen and Performance Coach, Lisa Mensink.

  • Inclusion in this program is dependent on swimming and running performance standards.