Kronos offers a variety of programs for kids, teens, and adults ("masters").  Our programs include options for athletes looking to increase their fitness and participate at a recreational level, as well as programs for competitive athletes looking for the highest levels of training.  

**Public registration for the 2018/19 season is expected to open by August 1, 2018**


CLICK HERE for detailed 2018/19 programs, schedules, facilities, fees and prerequisites.


All programs run from October 14 2018 through mid-August 2019 (unless otherwise noted). 


If you have any questions or wish to discuss programs further, please CONTACT US HERE


Race season typically starts in May and concludes in September.  The majority of races are in June / July, and many out of town races provide an opportunity to mix sports with vacation travel.  

Parents - we have room for you too!  Our masters/adult programs are specifically designed to co-ordinate with many of our youth programs.  


A few things are consistent with all programs:

  • Reasonable fees and relatively low volunteer/fundraising commitments.
  • Great training facilities
  • Highly qualified professional coaches, regardless of the age group or performance level of the athlete.  



*All ages below are based upon the athlete’s age on December 31, 2019.*

Kids of Steel Programs

  • Perfect for athletes who are new to triathlon, or play another sport in the winter. 
  • spring & summer program for ages 8-9, approximately 2 workouts per week.   
  • full year programs for ages 10-13, approximately 3 workouts per week.
  • opportunities to attend Kids of Steel races over the summer!

Development Program

  • our club's largest program!
  • ages 10-15
  • places a large emphasis on age-appropriate training, creating a smooth pathway of progression from entry-level athletes wishing simply to participate to those looking to train and race competitively.  
  • Approximately 3-5 coached training sessions per week. 
  • Extensive summer racing opportunities, including a chance to qualify for the Alberta Summer Games (every 2nd year)!

Adult / Youth Flex Program

  • ages 14 through adult
  • A great option for athletes who wish to participate in triathlon, maintain an exceptional fitness level, and take on the challenge of various Triathlon races.  
  • Approximately 2-3 coached workouts per week, with some flexibility in program schedule.
  • Athletes will typically compete in various fun & exciting races across Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan.  

Jr Performance

  • For performance oriented athletes ages 14-15. 
  • Approximately 7 coached workouts per week, with additional training ("on your own") prescribed by coaches.  
  • Athletes will target draft-legal events, and participate in ATA designated race series.

Sr Performance

  • For performance oriented athletes ages 16-19.  
  • Approximately 8 coached workouts per week, with additional training ("on your own") prescribed by coaches.  
  • Athletes will target draft-legal events, and races at the provincial & national level. 

Elite Performance

  • For highly competitive adult athletes looking to compete at the provincial, national, international or professional level. 
  • Typical age group is 20 - 26, but no set limit.  
  • Approximately 9 coached sessions per weeks, with additional training ("on your own") prescribed by coaches.  

Masters Performance Squad

  • Typical age range for this program is mid 20's through early 60's, but adults of all ages are welcome.  
  • Approximately 6 coached workouts per week, with additional training ("on your own") prescribed by coaches.  
  • A fantastic program for performance oriented adult athletes looking to compete in Sprint and Olympic distance events.    
  • Many of our athletes use this program to train towards Ironman events, including the Ironman 70.3 hosted annually in Calgary. 

Elite / University Student Pass

  • This pass allows elite athletes/returning university students to train part time with the Kronos Triathlon Club


Kronos schedules workouts at several indoor and outdoor facilities around Calgary.  Our facilities include:

  • Mount Royal University (Swim, Indoor/Outdoor run)
  • North Glenmore Park / Weaselhead Area (outdoor run, cycling skills)
  • Various City of Calgary Pools - Foothills, Inglewood, Stanley Park.  
  • Various well known cycling locations around Calgary - Nose Hill Park, Springbank, Chestermere canals and more. 
  • The Doctrine Spin Studio (Jewish Center Calgary) 
  • The Velodrome (outdoor track riding)
  • Strength Training at Peak Power Sport Development (SAIT)
  • Open water swimming at various lakes in & around Calgary -   Auburn Bay, Mckenzie Lake, Lake Bonavista, Mahogany Lake,  Lake Chaparral and others.