Kronos Triathlon Club Future Champions Program allows youth athletes the opportunity to race triathlon with road bikes in club atmosphere

Triathlon Equipment

To get started in Triathlon, all you need is a bathing suit, goggles, bike, and running shoes. 

Like any sport, as athletes progress into development and performance level programs, specialized equipment may be required.  This is always a challenge for parents of younger athletes, as the costs can add up (not to mention the kids grow out of their equipment quickly).  PARENTS - KRONOS WORKS HARD TO MAKE TRIATHLON MORE ACCESSIBLE AND COST EFFECTIVE FOR OUR FAMILIES!

Future Champions Program

Kronos is proud to partner with Argon 18, Speed Theory and Ironman to provide many of our athletes with inexpensive access to high performance specialized bicycles. 

Kronos has a small fleet of high performance road bicycles available for rent at minimal cost.  Many of these bikes come in hard to find child & youth sizes, perfect for our development aged athletes. 

Kronos is currently exploring other opportunities to provide similar low-cost access to specialized triathlon wetsuits, indoor bike trainers, power meters, fitness trackers and more!

Kronos Discount Programs

Kronos has partnered with many local bike, swim and run shops to provide generous discounts to our members.  We also arrange discounted group purchases for things like bike trainers, race suits, swim caps, and other gear. 

Kronos Bike Maintenance Class

Even basic maintenance on a bicycle can be costly and intimidating for those who are new to cycling.  To help with this, Kronos arranges FREE courses that teach basic bicycle maintenance.  Athletes and parents are invited to learn how to maintain their bikes, fix flat tires, and do basic safety checks.   

Kronos Athlete Network

It's very common for growing athletes to pass down training gear, and to see bikes or other big ticket items sold between club members. 

Free Stuff at Race Events!

As you spend more time around triathletes, you will no doubt see them with all sorts of T-shirts, water bottles, backpacks and other sports equipment - all featuring race names and sponsor logos.  This is one of the best perks in Triathlon, as nearly every races hands out free stuff to participants!  It's also quite common to win prizes at events.  Our race alone (Kinetico Calgary Kids of Steel) will hand out nearly $10,000 in free gear and draw prizes!